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"Reading has been the fuel of my motivation: it has changed the direction in which I have traveled, and it has enhanced my creative imagination more than any other activity I have ever pursued."

- Zig Ziglar

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SEO metrics for profit not seo vanity and shows piles of coin increasing and and an arrow pointing up
Newcastle SEO Expert

SEO Metrics For Profit Not Vanity.

If you’re obsessed with what keyword you’re ranking #1 for or even worse if your boss has that fixation, that could be damaging your credentials as an SEO or marketer and more importantly, hiding the real truth behind those SEO metrics and your/clients poor online performance. The reason is simple:

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on-page seo a mobile phone showing google search bar

On-Page SEO 5 Simple Steps To Get Started.

Table of Contents It can feel overwhelming to try and improve your website’s rankings on Google. You may be asking yourself what steps you should take to improve your website’s performance on the search engines. A lot of webmasters might think they should be working to build links, which is

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small business person marketing company on laptop looking for the best channels for the greatest reach online
lead Generation

The Best Marketing Channels For Small Business

You may be wondering what marketing channels are best for your small business. Luckily, there are many ways to market your small business and it is important to understand which ones will work the best for you. In this blog post, we’ll discuss a number of digital marketing channels that

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small business applying for nbsl small business funding

More Funding Available For North East Businesses

Have you got a digital project in mind for your business and would like to get some funding towards it, then this is for you? We can announce that the North East Business Support Fund (NBSL) have successfully applied for further funding to offer grants to eligible projects for North-East

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10 SEO tips for better conversions

10 SEO Writing Tips For Higher Conversions

Nobody wants to read meaningless passages of keywords, especially since they are not even rewarded by Google anymore. So here are 10 SEO writing tips to help you with your site. The focus should be to avoid the classic SEO criteria of chasing keywords and instead, you should direct the

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linkbuilding for better seo rankings

What Is Linkbuilding And How Can It Help SEO

Building Links And SEO Even in , Link building remains one of the biggest factors in SEO if you want to improve the search engine results of you webpage. It’s one of those terms that can confuse and instil dread into the hearts of many an SEO. But despite all

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