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Email Marketing, Hands Down The Best Marketin ROI Available!

On average only 3% of visitors to your website are ready to buy with their credit card primed already in their hand, without an email marketing strategy the other 97% go off and browse elsewhere maybe never to return. What’s worse, chances are they go and purchase items from your competitor’s site instead.

The fact is, most website owners especially those who have e-commerce stores, do not make as many sales as they would like on their website for that very reason. As a result not only do they lose sales, they also have no way of marketing to that visitor ever again, unless they re-visit the site, which may never happen.

However, by implementing E-Mail and Content marketing on your website you have a better chance of capturing visitors information and by doing so improving your revenue and ROI.

I don’t know about you, but If you have invested in PPC or SEO and have visitors to your site, I like to keep them there as long as possible, unfortunately, we are not in as much control of our visitor’s actions as we would like.

It, therefore, makes sense to assume that if someone has browsed over to your site and have spent some time there, they may be interested in what you have to offer, right? So is there any other ways can we engage with those who have previously visited our site and may be interested in our products or services? This is where email marketing comes in. It gives you chance to re-market to your audience after they have left your site and it is so powerful!

Building Trust In Your Company’s Brand

The analogy we like to use is if you were considering buying a new car – you had a choice of dealers who you could go to purchase the exact same car, but which one would you choose? The dealer who you didn’t know anything about and apart from a solitary visit to their showroom previously, but had no contact with since. Or the dealer who, after a showroom visit had kept in contact with the occasional email and really gave valuable information about your choices, such as when the next model was available, what promotions were on, and general industry news, all without trying to sell you anything… it would probably be the latter, right?

The reason for this is a little known psychological trick the mind plays on all humans which is called “reciprocity“. This refers to your natural reaction when responding to a positive action with another positive action.   Meaning you feel compelled to reciprocate in kind.

You can use this to great effect in your own business which is a very powerful marketing technique and enables us to build trust with potential clients. We do this by providing them with high-value information they would be interested in.   When they are in a position to buy, they will not only be familiar with your brand but for your business message too.

Therefore they will have a greater likelihood to trust your business over a competitor and purchase your goods. That is because you have supplied them with trustworthy, high value and authoritative content that has been informative and helped with their purchasing decision without trying to sell them anything.

Email Marketing Does Not Meand Sending Out Spam.

In order for us to get to the point where we can deliver our “marketing message” and build trust, we need to create a sales funnel and capture their data. It all starts by capturing some information which is provided by the visitor.

Commonly this is an email address in exchange for something which has a high value to the subscriber, but of relatively low value to the seller such as a FREE downloadable report, an e-book or maybe a coupon off their first purchase. Once we have the email address, we can then engage with them on a regular basis by sending regular personalised email messages.

Before you start thinking “Spam!” Let me reassure you that as a responsible organisation, Black And White Boy would never condone the use of spam or the misuse of patrons information provided to us in good faith, far from it.

Instead, we need to keep our side of the bargain, remember we want to gain trust with our subscribers, and you don’t do that by sending emails out every day trying to sell, sell, sell. Instead, the key is to understand your potential customers and reverse engineer your sales cycle to create the optimum email sequence for your business.

E-Mail All Sounds Too Complicated? Don’t Worry We’ve Got Your Back.

There are certain essential skill sets required to make up an effective email marketing campaign, all of which we possess within our team at Black And White Boy. But in essence, for the client It is really quite simple as all you need to do is decide upon the topic to send to your “list”.

This could be something topical, seasonal, maybe a newsletter or money off coupon… whatever you like really. The key thing is to remember to keep on sending out top quality content and value that your target audience will enjoy.

As mentioned earlier, this can be done a number of different ways. We have found one of the most effective ways to engage your subscriber’s list is to ask for their opinion on issues relating to your business/industry, things which are big news relating to your niche that they may feel passionate about.

To many, this process sounds far too complex and not worth the hassle of implementing, I mean who reads marketing emails anymore? But you may be surprised to learn, that some of the biggest organisations on the planet still use email marketing as one of their main sources of sales revenue. The fact is that 78% of the top-ranked 360 US companies use Email marketing as a way to stay in front of their customers, companies like Hewlett-Packard, Costco and Wal-Mart to name but a few.

If you look at your own inbox, do you have emails from companies that you have subscribed to? Want to know why these big brands are still doing it, not because it is a waste of time or too complex, it’s because it still works!

At this point, you might be thinking to sending out personal emails to everyone that signs up is going to be a difficult and very manually task. But this is where the team at Black And White Boy can take all of that work off your hands. We can fully manage the process of creating a sales funnel and sending out pre-written high-value emails which engage your subscriber.

Quality Over Quantity Is The Key With Any Email Marketing Campaign

The process we use is simply to maintain through regular communication with the client we discuss what newsworthy events are forthcoming within the business/sector which would also be of interest to your industry/subscribers. These items then get published to your subscriber’s list on a regularly scheduled email sequence. Naturally, any published content is proofread and signed off by you the client prior to any publication.

Once we set it up on behalf of the client, we can then deliver it on autopilot. The resulting benefits are severalfold and can be reflected in your bottom line. As well as profits, other advantages of having an email marketing strategy are that you have an effective sales funnel that can generate additional sales on autopilot.

It empowers your marketing message to your target audience and in the process creates an ever-growing list of targeted subscribers, who you can then keep engaged for years to come. Ultimately because of this strategy, your subscribers will keep on buying from you, not just for one sales cycle, but for many more to come.

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