Pay Per Click Advertising

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What Is PPC Advertising And How Can It Benefit My Business?

Pay per click advertising is otherwise known as PPC and is a way to get instant traffic to your website targeting exactly the keywords you think your customers are browsing for. It is a completely different discipline to SEO as the emphasis is not optimising for free search engine traffic, but more about paying upfront for traffic in order for the visitor to click on your ad which takes them directly to the page you have assigned on your site.

The online Pay Per Click model is very similar to the traditional advertising model used in print media such as in magazines and newspapers, in that it is made up of a small word based ads, the difference being that online it is quicker to get a result. However one of the real benefits of the PPC model over any other is that you can accurately measure the return on investment you achieve on the basis of knowing the cost for every click and a number of clicks you get the outcome or desired action (e.g. a sale),

There are many platforms for PPC nowadays, the biggest, of course, being Google Adwords. Ad-words is Google’s main source of Turnover, accounting for more than 90% its revenue which makes them effectively the largest advertising agency on the planet. You will see Google Adwords most notably at the top and at the bottom of most Google search pages.

If you don’t see any adverts on a page you have just searched, it means there is no competition, businesses are not targeting that keyword, or it is a keyword which has no commercial intent, and therefore would be worthless targeting.

There are several other large online advertising platforms that offer viable alternatives to AdWords, one of Google’s biggest rivals in this space is, of course, Facebook ads platform. As their online ads are driven via its own social media platform, the benefits to those who use its ads service are they can provide very granular targeting options.

Facebook tend to have cheaper cost per click rates, plus the use of images as well as words which can be used in their ads, and you don’t have to have a website as even your landing page can be on your Facebook page itself.

Don’t Try This At Home…

As always, there is far more to the pay per click advertising model than meets the eye, as doing it without any knowledge or being inexperienced can be a recipe for disaster. There have been many tales of people “losing their shirt” by running ads aimlessly and ending up with massive credit card bills as a result. The main reason behind this is because there are right ways and wrong ways to run PPC campaigns, and it mostly comes down to experience and a robust process.

Thankfully, our PPC experts have years of experience in running ppc ads on many different platforms and having spent Millions of pounds on behalf of clients in PPC and generating massive profits, we know a thing or two about getting a positive Return on investment.

When using Black And White Boy to carry out your ad campaigns, we can demonstrably highlight what we do is different and more thorough than almost anyone else out there in the marketplace. We see so many businesses doing Pay per click in the wrong way, we cringe at how bad some people do it, what’s more, worrying is that they are plainly gambling with either their own money or worse, that of their clients.

Take The Risk Out Of PPC And Talk To Us.

We take a business approach to your ppc campaigns and fully consult with you so as to understand your objectives, your budget and how you are going to fulfil the additional demand. We believe that having structured sales funnel to accommodate your additional sales enquires is as important as the ads themselves, so we discuss with the client exactly what the sales cycle is and how we can manage the back end of any campaign effectively.

the process is a follows:

  • Competitive Research – Comprehensive research on your industry/sector is carried so we can compare and contrast your brand against your competitors so we know where we can achieve the best traction
  • Keyword Analysis – We slice and dice the most competitive terms in your industry and across a broader spectrum, analyse the buying cycle and filter them in to targeted campaigns.
  • Ad Copy – Copywriting is an art and one that can make or break a campaign’s success, therefore we split test versions based upon experience, competitors results, as well as industry leading insights which results in the most optimal campaign possible.
  • Landing Pages – We ensure that landing pages are optimised to achieve the desired effect and are targeted to the appropriate keyword and a clear actionable result in order to fulfil the objective set.
  • Optimsation – All of our campaigns are closely managed to ensure optimal performance and amended accordingly, this is how we are able to achieve stellar results for our clients which consistently achieve very high ROI.
  • Results – Obviously the results of any campaign are measured against the objectives set out at the beginning, whether they are cost, profit or action driven. At regular intervals throughout the campaigns life, the BWB team managing the PPC campaigns naturally record all the processes carried out and analyse the data, they produce easy to understand reports which measure all the important KPI’s so you as the client can follow the campaign’s progress and success, and if necessary report back to your finance dept the results you are achieving.

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