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A Newcastle SEO consultant that actually delivers results

With a history spanning 15 years in the business, my SEO consultancy has been privileged to work with a number of organisations throughout the North East, UK and beyond and has always delivered an increase in organic presence on search engines, with benefits attached ( more traffic, leads and sales).

As a client, I want to provide you with value through the use of digital marketing and specifically search engine optimisation. The only real way to do that is to rank your site on page 1 of Google and to generate more enquiries and sales that lead to more revenue for your business.

The simple fact is that as a specialist in search engine optimisation, with over ten years under my belt, I have been able to rank many businesses high in the search results with all the associated benefits that come with that, and I am confident I can do the same for you.

During my digital marketing career, I have honed my skills and have the experience to deal with the challenges of Google and its ever-changing Algorithm.

Over that time I have been able to make search engine results more predictable for clients using search engine optimisation as a marketing channel that can become a more sustainable and future-proof way to market your business.

SEO consultants should know their stuff, but what you get with me is that I go beyond an ordinary freelance SEO consultant. I regard myself as a student of digital marketing and search engine optimization.

I'm always curious about how a search engine works, so much so that my process involves privately testing things I see and learn from other trusted sources. This allows me to understand the effectiveness of a technique before implementing them on a live site, whether it is capable of moving the needle and if it can have a positive effect on customers' digital marketing campaigns.

My education and continued development of digital marketing skills are essential in order for me to stay on top of my game so I can continue to provide maximum value for clients.

The only way to do that is to be an enabler for clients to make the biggest difference possible to their audience, which can be only done most effectively when your site is at the top of the Google results pages.

There are 4 main components that I've developed over time that enables me to get the best search engine results for clients, these are:

  • As digital marketing moves so fast, I keep on top of it through an "always be learning" attitude, so that I can stay relevant and up to date.
  • My 15 years of experience in ranking sites in some of the most competitive industries on the planet.
  • Connections to some world-class SEOs through masterminds and networking groups.
  • Most importantly, I test things out on my private testing sites.

Google doesn't tell you how to rank at the top, it's not in their interest to do so, therefore, the way to get repeatable results for clients is based on the private testing I carry out.

In the same way, you wouldn't expect a drugs company to dispense a pill that they haven't tested extensively to see if it's effective. You shouldn't put your site at risk by making assumptions and not testing your hypotheses independently to see if it works on private test sites before adding them to a client's live site.

Testing is what differentiates my SEO services from those other so-called "SEO experts" who often implement things blindly, not really knowing if they work or not. When that happens, they are using your site as a testing ground for new techniques they may have read about on a blog post or seen on a youtube video, it's potentially putting your digital asset at risk.

Guaranteed SEO Services

I'm so confident in our team's abilities that I'm prepared to put our firm on the line to show we have what it takes to improve your search engine performance:

I'll give you a complete refund if your search engine ranking hasn't improved within 90 days. No questions asked.

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We are a very process-driven business, and therefore we have an onboarding process we follow with any new client to ensure we're all on the same page and we can help manage expectations.

  • First, we'll have a brief phone call to obtain a better understanding of what you want to accomplish and which keywords you wish to rank for.
  • The keywords you choose are very important; they can make or break your campaign.
  • Then, we'll schedule a further meeting (or call) where I'll go over the options and the strategy I believe would be best for increasing your rankings, achieving your objectives, and ranking on page One.
  • Finally, We'll then build a campaign tailored to you and where your website is currently ranking on Google and what your competitors are doing.
  • When we have completed our assessment and formed an official agreement with you to work as a client. I will work one-on-one with you for the next month to optimize your website and enhance its rankings on Google.

I've worked with many clients and have seen how much time it takes to get a website up. I've worked on lots of websites, so I can speak from experience. While working on all of these campaigns, I've noticed a lot of similarities in why most sites fail:

  1. Poor On-Page SEO
  2. Toxic backlinks.

The way we mitigate this is through scrutinising On-page optimisations prior to publishing by at least two people, normally by an editor and then by me.

I'll also do a thorough website audit in the first month to identify toxic backlinks pointing to your site that might cause difficulties later on.

These two factors, along with my extensive knowledge, guarantee that I can improve on where you are now and increase your search engine rankings.

My objective is to always look at ways to increase your organic traffic and ranking on Google and position you on the first page and therefore generate more leads and sales for your business.

SEO for small companies is often less expensive than most people believe. it's normally the case that once you've implemented SEO on your website, you'll understand what I'm talking about when I say it's really cost-effective and is an efficient way to generate leads and grow sales in your business.

SEO Newcastle

As a long-standing SEO expert in Newcastle-upon-tyne, I have a deep affinity with the area and one which gives me a distinct advantage when it comes to breaking down the many intricacies and best practices of the ranking for local businesses.

Beyond that, I like to think that my technical knowledge and how I put together a campaign, gives my clients an unfair advantage when implementing SEO and digital marketing strategies.

When I first started out I worked exclusively with smaller businesses in Newcastle upon tyne businesses, and to this day we're proud to say we still work with many. Several have grown into even larger enterprises than they were before we worked together and through their success, we've been able to establish a reputable SEO agency in Newcastle.

By developing a robust set of principles and processes as we have developed as a business and partnered with larger organisations we've been able to organically grow the business to help larger businesses in the region.

We have found that businesses, large or small, stay with us and keep using our search engine and digital marketing services because they have become accused of the results we help generate for them.

Search Engine Optimisation Experts

Our philosophy is to create partnerships we can build with clients which are as a result of value-added activities to mutually benefit each other.

Given this ethos, you can rest assured that we can help you create and grow your online presence and develop your business as a result.

I've started helping Newcastle companies to rank highly on search engines over 10 years ago. Over that time I have worked in many different sectors, So, no matter what area of business you work in whether you're a dentist, a lawyer, a contractor, or anything else, we can always provide you with the tools your business needs to move it to a growth trajectory.

I'm a strong believer in transparency, therefore all of my clients get provided with monthly reports that are comprehensive and informative. rest assured we have your best interests in mind when working with a Newcastle consultant that not only provide you with the data and statistics necessary to keep you abreast of the work we're doing but one who avoids using technical jargon.

I provide a boutique service at reasonable costs. I want to assist as many small business owners as possible in succeeding online, and I won't stop until your company is flourishing and receiving hundreds of queries every day. SPEAK WITH AN EXPERT

Faq - Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does an SEO Consultant Do?

A competent SEO consultant will conduct a variety of activities as part of their responsibilities, including competitor analysis, a search engine audit as well as gathering intelligence on content and keywords. However, the most significant role of a consultant is to assist you in optimizing your website so that it ranks higher in Google. If you're a SAB (Service Area Business), targeting your local towns and cities is often the

How much does an SEO Consultant cost?

This is based on what you want to accomplish. For example, if you run a waste removal company and wish to be listed first for "Waste collection Newcastle," it would be less expensive than ranking first for "insurance firm Newcastle."

Some SEO professionals charge for a one-time SEO consultation, which is usually only appropriate for small enterprises with limited resources.

Should I hire a Digital Marketing Agency or a Consultant?

It all depends on your budget and the breadth of the campaign. It's a question of personal choice as both methods will be able to assist you to boost your organic traffic. We suggest that you always choose the latter since it is more boutique and tailored to your business needs.

Check to see whether the offer includes essential services such as link building.

We're Not Based Near Newcastle, can you still help?

Yes. Although we operate out of Newcastle, you don't have to be near Newcastle upon tyne to work with us, we service clients all throughout the UK, Europe and the United States.

Link building is the practice of obtaining backlinks to your website. A backlink is a reference to your site on a third-party website, and it's frequently known as a vote for yours from another website. Backlinks feature heavily in Google's algorithm and were the most notable differentiator between Google and other search engines when they launched back in 1998, backlinks have been one of the most important Off-page ranking signals available since.

With backlink, always be mindful that quality trumps quantity and it's very easy to think you're getting a great link from another site if you run it through one of the many SEO tools which show metrics, but which can be easily manipulated, so if you're doing it yourself and have no experience, be careful about what you're acquiring.

Why Do You Need An Experienced Consultant?

like a lot of things related to SEO, it's simple but not easy. The methods for determining how Google ranks pages is straightforward once you know how the algorithm works. Figuring out how to apply it might be difficult and then tracking the regular changes means that it is a full-time occupation, which is why I offer expert SEO consulting since there's so much to include within it.

As an example, we provide web design and development as part of our service, and that skill set comes in handy when you're having to add assets to a site, or when you have to carry out some remedial work to comply with some aspect of technical SEO, which is more about architecture, code and server setup.

If you own a local company and are searching for a local SEO service specialist, there's a good chance you've been wondering how to take the next step.

you can get in touch with me and I can assist you in providing an objective point of view on what you need to do in choosing an SEO expert in Newcastle.

How Does SEO Work Step By Step?

The theory of how SEO works is quite easy to comprehend when you look at the overarching principles.

SEO can be split into 3 categories, Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO and technical SEO

Onpage SEO is all about tweaking and optimising your website to increase its exposure. Offpage activities, such as link building, are any outside efforts taken to boost online visibility.

Technical SEO on the other hand is about the architecture and structure of the website, the code and making it easy for users to use as well as google bot to crawl the site

To summarise, SEO is a highly competitive industry that necessitates substantial expertise to deal with problems like Google's algo changes and staying relevant in the sector. it encompasses many disciplines including marketing and communication experts, copywriting, front end developers and many other specialities who can assist you in regaining market value by taking control and beating out your competition.

How Do I Find An SEO Consultant?

Here's a list of six simple actions for locating an SEO Consultant.

  1. Begin by asking around in your personal network for someone you may know who could recommend someone they've worked within the past.
  2. Search for phrases like "SEO consultant + your city" and submit a few questions to the top-ranking websites. If a professional is ranking highly for a term like this, they are most likely an SEO specialist.
  3. Attend local meetups and meet local SEO experts in person. When it comes to getting to know someone a little better, meeting face to face is extremely beneficial. This was all instrumental in assisting you in making the best decision possible.
  4. Check out review websites like to learn more about businesses and consultants that they suggest.
  5. Create a Facebook group for SEO-related topics and post your employment and requirements there. Facebook groups are an excellent method to meet a lot of talented individuals.
  6. Contact web design firms in your area and see who they recommend as a potential SEO partner.

How Do I Hire Someone To Do SEO?

5 easy steps to hire someone for SEO

  1. Reach out to the individual and ask them to review your website
  2. After you've finished your research, it's time to schedule a one-on-one interview with them to explain exactly what you want. Request that they provide you with some keyword examples for the campaign.
  3. Examine the keywords and make any necessary changes to meet your objectives.
  4. Determine the return on investment (ROI) you may expect from each of these keywords. Using monthly search volumes and industry average CTRs, you can calculate your ROIs.
  5. Sign the agreement and request for monthly updates to be kept informed about your campaign's progress.

How much money do SEO consultants make?

The typical SEO consultant salary in the United Kingdom is £32,188 per year or £16.51 per hour. Starting salaries for new recruits are £27,500 per year while most experienced professionals earn up to £45,000 per year.

Ultimately, it's not how much an individual makes which is important, it's more about the value they can bring to you in terms of your objectives. I have found over the years that clients on the whole are happy to pay whatever your rate is as long as they are providing a service they see as value through using your SEO consultant Newcastle services.

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