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SEO Consultant And White Hat Link Building Services Based In North-East England

Black and White Boy are an SEO and digital marketing consultancy based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We specialise in carrying out technical SEO, White hat link building services and PPC for progressive businesses in North-Eat England and further afield. Our consultancy service also help businesses with their own in-house teams to strategise, implement and achieve their own online objectives.

If you’ve found us by searching SEO Newcastle upon Tyne or SEO consultant Newcastle, then you probably already know the power of Search Engine Optimisation and its benefits for your business. If on the other hand, you’re not familiar with it, click over to our Search Engine Optimisation Page to find out more.

SEO is a discipline with many moving parts and its landscape is forever changing. Because of this you need to ensure that whoever you talk to has the skill set and knowledge to advise you accordingly to either carry out the work or consult with.

Paul Clarke has been involved in internet marketing and SEO since the late 1990’s his experience is more extensive than most. He has worked in some of the most competitive markets in the worlds and has generated millions in revenue for his clients. As a consultant, he has helped many small online brands become huge online successes through the implementation of his strategies.

The first step in any working relationship is to see if there is a meeting of minds, and if both parties “get” each other, so we invite you to book a FREE strategy sessions.

You can speak directly with Paul about the results you are looking to achieve. He’ll give you an honest assessment of how SEO can assist your business, as well as provide you with the best advice about your digital marketing strategy, and how you can get value from it. The great thing about the session is it is packed full of value and the information discussed is yours to use as you see fit, there is no obligation to use us.

We believe that you as a customer want results from your digital marketing and therefore we take a business first approach with our client’s online campaigns as if it were our own. During our initial strategy sessions, we try to get an understanding of what you want to achieve and then consider the likely ROI from the campaigns we discuss.

Ultimately, we aim for a simple business transaction which is of mutual benefit. In principle, it boils down to this. If you give us £x, we give you £xx back in revenue, that is a transaction most business owners understand. We do give you reports which outlines what we have been doing for you on a month by month basis as well as having regular discussions.

But really its all down to results, working with you to help grow your brand, put you in front of new targeted people looking for your product or service. We endeavour to deliver campaigns which will have positive ROI and get you more revenue and more profit.

We Have been involved with SEO for over ten years, within that time we have seen it evolve. Changes can happen almost daily, but through following these changes, live testing and networking with SEO leaders globally we apply what’s working now and provide our customers with industry best practices to get the best results.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in SEO, despite this many companies nowadays will promise the earth when talking about rankings. They’ll guarantee number one positions for your keywords, where in reality its “fool’s gold” no one can promise to deliver this result. We take an alternative pragmatic approach to SEO and in so doing give solid results. Crucially we give our clients control and provide all the choices available so they can decide how best to implement their budget, we find this is the best way to develop a trusting and sustainable partnership going forward.

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We Help Your…

Business Fly!

Our Vision is to help our customers increase their sales and brand exposure through digital marketing. We work with ambitious organisations towards the objective of moving their business to the next level to fulfil their goals and aspirations.

Link Building

White hat link building is essential if you want to succeed online… it is the very fabric of the internet and how brands build their presence. There is nothing else as powerful as white link building and we do it better than most.

Pay Per Click

Pay per Click Ads gets traffic to your website immediately, simple right? The real skill is making it profitable and to achieve consistent ROI… that’s what we excel in. We develop more profitable campaigns, drive traffic and do it right.

Local SEO

Getting eyeballs to your site is what SEO is about, our campaigns enable your website to perform at its best to get you traction in your industry targeting those potential customers you want to reach.

three devices showcasing responsive web site design capabilities using the most up to date best practice to create beautiful website designs for customers in the North East Of England

Its Not All About…

Pretty Pictures

It’s about a holistic approach: A full understanding of the factors responsible for a modern website to perform. It shouldn’t just be about how it looks and pretty pictures… but Traffic, Conversions and Sales.

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We understand ROI and what it means in the real world and how important it is for you to invest wisely, especially in marketing. We commit ourselves to providing you with the best possible value we can, so both parties mutually benefit from our collaboration.

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We are curious, so we ask questions. Not to be nosey, but to fully understand you, your business and its culture. It is only by knowing and feeling who you really are, that we can then properly represent your brand and the message you wish to broadcast to the market.

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Results are everything, and the most important measure of our work. So the culmination of all the hard work up to this point means nothing if there is no end product. Your solution therefore should be a creative representation of your vision which also gets real results for your business.

“The Team At Black And White Boy Are Indespensible For My Local Business…

Paul’s team keep my site performing in Google to get more new business enquiries coming in for me to convert in to sales. The ROI makes it a no brainer for me and my business”.

jeff S client seo client who is happy with the work carried out by black and white boy
Jeff S.

“I Approached Black And White Boy For A Website After A Glowing Recommedation…

They didn’t disappoint, in fact they really did over deliver and helped me with all manner of online marketing assisitance on top of the new website, which is why I have commissioned them to build an e-commerce store for my growing business.”

Katie who is a happy customer and providing a testimonial for the great web site design and e-commerce website blackand white boy has produced
Katie B.

“Great Work By The Gang At BWB Which Enabled Me To Grow My Business…

I was able to recruit more staff due to the revenue they helped generate, great work!”

Paul is a website client who is extrmemly happy with the work we delivered
Paul M.

Get A FREE 1 hour strategy session.

This is a value packed session with one of our experts where together we take a look at what you’re currently doing online, and why.

Then we ponder What if and How questions to fully explore the results you want to get you to the next level.

Any ideas and strategies we come up with are yours to implement as you see fit, no commitments to BWB whatsoever.