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There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for. – Milton Glaser

Why Do You Need A Website?

Have you thought why you actually want a website? The obvious answers are those canned responses everyone else has, “because everyone else has a site”, “to show off our products”, “our shop window on the web” etc. Whilst all of those may be true, it is also what most other businesses do. However, Black and white boy believe that all businesses are NOT the same and why we like to think differently. Not just to be different, but because we want to ensure that as far as possible, creating a website for your business not only fulfils a purpose but genuinely creates something which is as unique as your enterprise.

We encourage you as a business to think like a big brand, that’s if you are not one already. Brands think differently, “out of the box”. They get to the heart of what their customers are looking for, and you should do the same. At the end of the day, who is a website for, you or your customer? So, try to think about what your existing or future customers might want from you. Think about the questions have you been asked by your customers recently, or how you are going to solve their problems and what solutions can you provide for them… what is your USP?

When customers chose Black and white Boy to undertake their web design project we find a great exercise to begin with is to think a little deeper, and really take the time to go beyond the obvious and explore exactly “why” you need a website and what SHOULD it do for your business and how it SHOULD engage with your customer, does it have a personality, an identity that people can relate to?

Once you are in that mindset you can then start asking searching questions about what your business actually does, what its stands for, and how you can differentiate it from your competitors. It is only when you delve deep inside can you then discover who your ideal customer is. This is demographics 101, and it is designed to pin down the type of customer that you see as your ideal customer whether that is by income, sex, age etc.

One of the common misconceptions businesses has when asked who their ideal customer is they answer “EVERYONE!”, “if they have the money, we want to sell to them” goes the cry.

Sadly that is not the reality of the situation – try selling a fillet steak to a vegetarian… face it, you cannot sell to everyone, and it ios pointless trying. No one has a monopoly on their market unless it is driven by government or crime. Even companies like Google and Apple two largest companies in the world at the time of writing, do not have 100% of their respective markets.

The reason why knowing your customer is important is that once you start building the website for your perfect customers profile, you start using their language, looking at the world like they do and appealing to their wants and needs. This is as a pose to your competitors who think they need a website and build it without due processes and create one which targets everyone because they think everyone is their customer. But this inclusive thinking only produces a confused, unfocused website design with generic boring language which does not reflect the personality of the company and appeals to no one.