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What Is A Digital Marketing Apprenticeship: Does The Digital Marketing Apprenticeships Scheme Produce A Good Digital Marketer?

By: Paul Clarke
Published: February 20, 2022

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and with so many digital jobs being created, it’s important to have a great education behind you. That’s why apprenticeships are so valuable to have!

With this type of learning experience, you’ll be able to learn from some of the best digital marketers out there and truly refine your craft and how to use internet media to its fullest advantage. Find out more about how an apprenticeship can help you take your career to the next level!

When embarking on a digital marketing career, you might think of a young person training to be a social media manager or write a blog post or two for their employer.

That may be the case, but a digital marketing apprenticeship opens you up to a much more rounded experience and which trains you in the strategic and analytical side of being a digital marketer, it’s also an opportunity to advance your skill set and get a boost in your career.

You’ll learn critical business skills which will show you how to create and execute a marketing plan for products/services; help manage budgets, distribution plans, carry out research and the best media tool to use for campaigns. In fact, a digital marketing apprenticeship is similar to an internship, except you get paid for your work and you do more than just make everyone else’s coffee in the office.

Apprenticeships are arranged between individual companies and the apprentice provider, where the apprentice spends between one and five days per week at their company while being trained by professionals.

As well as benefiting from on the job training, you also go through training that cover specialist skills within core disciplines.

This is often carried out through an external supplier or contractor if the expertise is not available in-house. The external contractor has to be approved to provide the training by the government as part of their national apprenticeship scheme which is regulated through Ofsted.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship – What Are The Benefits And Do You Get Paid?

There are many benefits of becoming an apprentice. The obvious one is that as a vocational course, you get a paid position and on-the-job training that can help you learn more about digital marketing, from industry best practices to general skills required to work in a business environment.

This sort of apprenticeship would be beneficial for anyone looking to build upon their existing skillset or add new skill areas in digital, such as coding or web development while getting paid to do it.

Plus, having a digital marketing qualification on your CV is great for building confidence and shows future employers that you are willing to make the most out of opportunities presented to you. It says that you’re interested in growing yourself as well as your company, which is something many companies value highly when looking at potential employees.

One of the other benefits of this type of digital marketing qualification is that you can achieve a high standard of training without having to go through the traditional higher education route. This appeals to a lot of younger people if, for example, they didn’t enjoy their school or college experience, but they still want to further their education and progress in their careers.

Finally, your level of expertise within digital marketing will be very relevant in today’s work environment which is becoming more and more ‘digital’ by the day. This shows that you have value as an employee because it helps establish your position with the company, or organization.

How to find the right marketing training for you

As the person who is going to do the training, it obviously has to be right for you, and if you have no experience of this type of vocational learning, how do you if you’ll enjoy it?

The first thing you need to consider is what type of apprenticeship do you want, it doesn’t have to be marketing or digital, there are hundreds of other apprenticeships out there you can try, anything from studying a traditional trade such as plumbing and electrician through to finance and management.

That’s the beauty of apprenticeships there are so many different ones to choose from, plus you can mix it up!

Secondly, think about your current skill set. Are you a social media manager or marketing assistant? If so then maybe a digital marketer apprenticeship is something you might be interested in. If not, perhaps you can explore other options.

Thirdly, think about your location, obviously, the employer needs to in close travelling distance to you for it to be practical for commuting. Even though the very nature of digital means it can be done anywhere, though, going into the office daily is likely to be a thing that your employer will insist upon, at least when you are learning.

That being said, as a digital marketing tutor myself, I find that most students can do remote learning which doesn’t require them to be in the office, and can be delivered by external trainers using Zoom or MS Teams or something similar.

Become A Digital Marketer In 2022

An apprenticeship typically lasts for three years and currently, the number of digital marketing apprenticeships going through training stands at approx. 322,000 for the latest UK academic year and is a subject that is growing rapidly and is one of the more popular apprenticeships available.

For anyone looking to pursue a career in marketing, this would be a great time to embark on an apprenticeship and get ahead.

Benefits of becoming a digital marketing apprentice and what it entails.

We’ve already alluded to some of the benefits, but what exactly does it entail?

Digital marketers work within a business to promote their services or products using internet media platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Tiktok. As a digital marketing trainee, you’re charged with determining which platforms and tech are likely to be most beneficial to your customer while also adjusting the brand messaging to appeal directly to your target demographic.

This isn’t a game of chance. Everything about digital marketing is planned and these are the key things you learn as you progress through your studies.

As a marketer, you employ data in order to comprehend how your consumers act on various media platforms. This information allows you to properly express your message and get the greatest return on investment possible.

Being taught these skills is a key part of an apprenticeship.

There are three key stages to the digital marketing process: planning, execution, and analysis. During the planning stage, you’ll work with your client or company to determine what kinds of methods they want to use in order to go about reaching their audience. Alongside this, you’ll develop a strategy that helps you execute your campaign and then you’ll analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.

The best digital marketing apprentices are equally adept at each of these stages, which is why an education in this discipline provides you with a much greater advantage than simply starting as a junior position and trying to work your way up.

What Digital Marketing Opportunity that awaits you.

I am sure it’s not lost on anyone in the workplace or in wider society that the world is turning increasingly digital so the opportunities that await a young person entering that domain is truly what makes this an exciting career choice.

A digital marketing apprentice can expect to be part of a growing area of the economy, experience growth in work responsibilities as they rise through the ranks. And with so many companies now successfully utilising digital marketing to drive their business forward there are real opportunities for growth within this industry.

You will also have the opportunity to develop an understanding of how to create and implement social media plans and wider digital marketing techniques geared towards your targeted audiences and how to apply those within a real business setting.

Apprenticships near me

We mentioned earlier about the proximity needed for an apprenticeship to be located near their work, so finding a digital marketing apprenticeship close to you is easy enough to find.

one of the best ways to find an apprenticeship and to discuss it in further detail is to choose a Government approved provider first.

They are best suited to help you with finding your ideal apprenticeship in digital marketing and more importantly to help you find a work placement with a suitable company close to you.

There are many providers across the UK, many of which operate nationally, companies such as evolve training are a great example of a company that can find you a work placement while enabling you to work through your vocational learning at the same time.

Alternatively, is a great place to start on your digital marketing apprenticeship journey and is the government portal for applicants to find suitable opportunities.


What level Of Education Can You Attain?

This is a common question when looking for digital marketing apprenticeships.

Typically its start from level 3 and up. In the UK, there is a framework in place that dictates what is taught at each key stage of an apprenticeship (level 1, 2, 3 etc).

At level 3 you are available and is equivalent to studying for 2 A levels.

Level 2 qualifications are intermediate apprenticeships, which are equivalent to GCSE passes at grades A*–C (4–9 on the new system).

Level 3 qualifications are the highest level of apprenticeships and qualify for entry-level positions in many industries. They’re equivalent to A levels.

Level 4 and above qualifications are earned as a result of apprenticeships.

Can You Get An Equivalent University Qualification?

A degree apprenticeship is a type of education in which you acquire a university diploma while working (level 6 or above).

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