Sugar Wax Website

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Ecommerce, Website Design, Email Marketing

Sugar Wax Website Project


We had the honour of working with a great company to develop a new website and eCommerce store to help get their amazing story out to a wider audience.

Aqua Natural are a strip sugaring brand based in the UK and have some very prestigious clients and with a lot of coverage in some amazing publications about their products.

We were asked to redevelop the website to better reflect their brand as environmentally responsible, Vegan and 100% natural sugar waxing product.

The message they wanted to convey was to their core market which is the professional waxing salon market, which is one of being ecologically responsible and at the same time help end-users benefit from the advantages of strip sugaring over traditional hair removal waxing.

Our objective was also to carry out some basic keyword research and optimise the content for those subject matters and to be found by more of the core market they were trying to target.

We also built in a email marketing solution so the client could use to distribute the products through some promotional activity and to nurture options through messaging based around education and providing value and to position the brand as the authority in the marketplace across the UK and further afield.


To refresh the brand to reflect the core values of the environment, 100% natural ingredients and accredited by the vegan society. But also to provide value to the core market of waxing salons who are looking for an environmentally friendly product which is proven to reduce skin irritation in comparison to traditional waxing treatments but also could be more profitable too, so makes economic sense too.

Key Results:

Strip Sugar Wax Products Manufacturer Website and Ecommerce


Great experience from start to finish and we are so happy with the results and will be the platform for growth in the years to come.

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