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Zoe runs a successful skincare clinic in Devon, but when it came to changing the structure of the business she wanted a fresh new look and to work with someone who could recreate her vision with someone whose work she liked.

As Black And White Boy had done work for several businesses in this industry Zoe approached us after receiving some references from clients we had worked with before.

She also thought that a different designer was necessary because her normal guys overcharging for their service and no longer providing value.

Zoe also felt she would like to work with someone who can generate more traffic and leads.


Known as a skin specialist in the area Zoe wanted to maintain that label, while at the same time rebrand entirely as she was moving to another location but having skin specialist as the driver behind people going to her.

She liked the look and feel of a couple of sites we have produced and structurally offer very similar services plus waxing.

The site was to be easily editable as and when needs be to amend treatments, prices and blogs. Another stipulation was to be able to host online bookings and blogs and I would really like to consider a shop for several hundred products to help her retail sales.

Beyond that, as the business was moving, and changing names, we were asked to create a new brand also.

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