Recruitment Platform

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Website Design, SEO, Membership, Learning Platform

Recruitment Platform Project


This client has a long history in recruitment, previously running a large recruitment agency in London. The website which she required had several specific requirements designed to address the market in a different way.

The objective was to provide a portal which would help newly qualified therapists find a job but have all the resources necessary to do so in one place, from education, documentation right through to jobs being available exclusively to members who registered with the platform.

The key thing for the client was that is should be simple to register for the end user, but also easy for her team to upload additional content on a regular basis without having to learn or touch the coding side of it for fear of breaking the site.

There were also a number of requests for additional tools to be added to the site, all of which were bespoke requirements such as a cv builder.

The budget didn’t allow for the specific app to be developed for this, but we found a compromise to this which allowed the subscribers to get what they needed, but at a cost which was more within the clients budget.


New website for salon staff and therapists who are looking for new roles in the hair and beauty industry with the focus on those who were just entering the marketing after completing their training and qualifications. Apart from a fresh design the site needed to incorporate a learning platform and a membership element to it as well as a jobs board.

The content in the membership portal was based around education from industry experts about how to get a job and the various soft skills around finding a new job specific to the industry at which it was targeted.

Key Results:

Salon Recuitment Website and Membership Platform


Delighted with the work - the website is amazing, and the team at Black And White Boy helped me through it all. I can easily add new roles to the admin area and it works perfectly. Highly recommended

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