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Black And White Boy have been the perfect digital marketing company for me. They have done some great work for me across my businesses, but provided invaluable advice and guidance on all things digital marketing and have directly improved my revenue and profit as a result of working with them.
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Susan Routledge is a public figure and influencer within the beauty salon industry, her customers are salon owners who want to grow their business using Susan's expertise and experience of growing her own award-winning business.

Susan came to us as she thought it was important to have a modern website that reflects her brand as a modern, high-quality consultancy, but one which could grow with the brand over time and introduce new products and services with relative ease.


Develop an appealing website that accurately reflects the brand's values, including all important messaging which is focussed towards the target user which in this case is salon owners and directors of beauty businesses.

Allow the client to expand and modify sections of the website without requiring specialised expertise or disrupting the site's aesthetic, specifically blog entries events and courses.

To generate and nurture leads through lead magnets and to get them into a marketing funnel that follows up with a nurturing email sequence providing a value-driven messaging.

Finally, incorporate an SEO foundation to ensure that any future SEO work on the site is optimized and as effective as possible.

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