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I am delighted with the finished product and... also hope to use them again in the future

Over the course of my professional life I have worked with several web designers to produce a range of websites, none have been as helpful or as professional as Black and White Boy. I am delighted with the finished product and I will not only be recommending them to others but I also hope to use them again in the future.
Attractive responsive website which reflects the Oasis brand
Secure membership site to be used easily used by members and client staff alike
Membership of over 250 educational establishments regularly use the site for ecology lesson ideas


Word of mouth was responsible for Black And White Boy being contacted by Oasis to quote for their new project.

Oasis are an environmental education charity that work with local county councils across the UK in mainstream education to help teachers deliver the environment, ecology and green curriculum.

This site represented a digital platform through which teachers can access lesson plans and green projects which could be used to teach pupils of all school ages from preschool right up to and including further education.


To develop an attractive website that reflected the ECO2SmartSchool environmental credentials which would enable schools to become members through paying an annual subscription directly on the site. Members would then have exclusive access to relevant content such as lesson plans and activities which could be used to teach pupils in the educational environment.

All lessons modules were to be prepared and uploaded by the client’s staff, so administrative access needed to be user friendly with no special skills or knowledge of website management required. In uploading content, they also needed to be confident that they weren’t in danger of breaking the functionality or design of the site.

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