How Can Our SEO Services For Businesses In Consett Get You More Customers

screenshot showing the words SEO Consett typing into the google search boxLet’s face facts, If you are a forward-thinking business based in Consett, County Durham and you are looking for more new customers (…and who isn’t), the only place to be is on Google, specifically at the top page one. Just as we are found for the terms SEO Consett and get enquries from local companies because of it, you can do exactly the same using specific key terms related to you industry and location.

Our clients have found that using local SEO to get more business is one of the best and most cost-effective ways for them to get new potential customers to find their business.

Black And White Boy provide Local SEO to Consett businesses which is done through calibrating your website to the requirements of the search engines, and when done correctly results higher positions in the internet search results for your webpages, which channels more customers to your business.

As business leaders, we all want new customers and in the 21st Century the only place to do it effectively is online.

Years ago it was through advertising in a big yellow book, but today that does not work, things have moved on, you just have to look at your own habits to show how things have changed. What’s the first thing you do when you look for a solution a problem you have, probably Google, right? well, you’re not the only one. Over 80% of us now refer to the number one search engine to find what we want.

It is just as important for a local business as it is for any company on a regional, national or international basis… it all depends on where your customers are.

What Search Terms Such AS SEO Consett Can I Be Found For?

The thing is that most business owners think that to market their business successfully online they have to look further afield than their current locality to get new customers or increase their revenues, which for many is not practical but neither is it necessary.

Statistically, 79% of people shop within 5 miles of where they live, that figure grows to 89% for a ten-mile radius, and as we have already established, 80% of those looking to buy something will research companies local to them first online prior to their purchase.

The reason for this is because we all use mobile phones and we making shopping decisions either on the move or because sometimes it’s easier just to pick your phone and search for what’s on your mind.

So doesn’t it make sense to service those people who are looking for your products or services in the immediate area, and help them to discover your business and the brilliant solutions you can undoubtedly offer within your locality?

The great thing is, through Local SEO we can do this for your company on the most popular website on the planet, where the vast majority of your customers are, after all, that’s what it is there for, right?

Another fallacy is that you need to be a big brand to be at #1 in the search engines and to rank highly will cost a fortune.

That’s not strictly true and again that’s where we can help.

Most small to medium-sized businesses go about it the wrong way, they try to rank for the same huge terms the larger brands go after, but that strategy is flawed.

Those keywords are far too generic and way out of reach for everyone apart from biggest companies, at least at the beginning of a campaign.

As a result, they give it up as a failed attempt and think internet marketing doesn’t work because it takes too long and sucks up the budget before any real data is available. As a result, they just leave all that money on the table for the people who know what they are doing online to sneak in and make a killing.

How Can My Business Use Local SEO Effectively To Get More Customers?

Christ Church parish church, Consett, County Durham, image taken opposite church on Parliament StreetOne of the most budget efficient techniques we can take advantage of right now is the increasing emphasis on local search. This is more geo-specific and as a result, caters to the vast majority of users who look for a local solution to their problem.

As a consumer, we all want great service, even better if it’s from a company who is near to you! It is reasonable to assume that by using a local service provider it is often quicker and potentially cheaper than hiring someone from outside the area.

The way the team at Black And White Boy can help you as a local vendor, therefore, is to use specific tactics to provide the appropriate signals to the search engines to identify you as a business located in Consett and wanting to be found by people in a particular Geographic area.

By being found in the local map results, for example, can make a huge difference to your web site traffic.

This ties into Mobile becoming increasingly important as the number of people searching for results of their phone globally overtook that of desktop search in 2014.

Mobile has completely revolutionised the way people access the internet and made local shopping much more dynamic. We have already established most people search online for a local solution to their problem, and that is only going to become even more prevalent as mobile increases in popularity and blanket internet coverage becomes much more ubiquitous with advances in 4G, 5G and wifi technologies.

The latest statistics show that 50% of local mobile search queries are looking for things like business addresses or phone numbers, furthermore, a huge 78% of local searches carried out on mobile devices result in an offline purchase (according to a study by so what we’re talking about here is not necessarily online shopping, but additional footfall into your commercial premises if it was a retail outlet for example.

In 2017 Google announced the introduction of “Mobile first” and is the clearest indication yet that the search engine giant is giving greater priority to mobile search over desktop. its introduction has been brought forward a year earlier than originally anticipated, one presumes due to the inexorable growth of mobile traffic. So, on the assumption that your site design is responsive and works on all devices, this represents a huge opportunity to appear for more mobile, geo-specific terms which directly relates to more site visits and enquiries both online and in-store too.

Working Smarter Online

The key to online success for your company is by working smarter. We do this by truly engaging with your business  to understand who you are as a company, clearly identify your target customers, where they are located, and carry out diligent background research into your industry and across your competition.

Our analysis can discover where the gaps are to be exploited in your market, who is doing it right online, and what your competitors are up to.

We then can replicate and improve upon for your precise market needs and target Landing pages for specific long-tail keywords with buyer intent and more geo-locational terms. The result of which is more volume of traffic to your site from the very people who are looking to buy your products, hopefully with credit card in hand.

The happy coincidence of all this effort is that it generates positive ROI, which means that the more you pay, the greater the reward and how all of our campaigns are measured upon.


Why Should You Listen To SEO?

At Black And White Boy, we are experts in the field of digital marketing and SEO. We believe that no matter what sized company you are you should still be able to benefit from enterprise-level expert online marketing and to tilt the playing field your favour. What’s more, we are a local company, our results speak for themselves, after all, that’s probably how you found us in the first place.

We are able to achieve the results for the Local Consett Business Community through…

  • The use of landing pages.
  • Social Media Mangement
  • On and off-page management.
  • Active Keyword research to account for LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)
  • Asset Audits(Images and CSS/JS minification/compression)
  • Sitemaps
  • Microformats (e.g. JSON-LD)
  • Website Readability (Flesch-Kincaid)
  • value added Content Marketing
  • Use of Semantic HTML
  • W3C Compliance and Accessibility
  • Responsive Web-Site Page Design (Mobile First)
  • Technical Audit
  • Google Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business
  • Goals, Funnels and Conversions (CRO)

It’s easy to say all these great things about what we can do, but talk is cheap, We walk the walk by getting the results your business deserves. We have been working online since around 1998 and as result, we are more experienced than most in an industry filled with start ups. As a business, we invest in training and ongoing live testing to monitor what gets results in the ever-changing world of the internet search engines algorithm. In so doing this has benefited many of our customers in many different sectors, trades and industries to very great effect achieving higher rankings, marketing their businesses effectively and in the process changing the fortunes of many and crucially delivering significant positive Return on investment. If you want to be our next success story, click on the button below and let’s have a chat.

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