Automotive Parts Manufacturer

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Automotive Parts Manufacturer Project


We were honoured to be approached by a local multi-million pound manufacturer of plastic injection moulded parts who mainly for the automotive market.

Their website was originally developed in the early 2000’s and it showed, it consisted of a homepage with contact form and didn’t reflect the brand in it’s best light considering their list of clients.

The management contacted Black And White Boy and asked if we could help redevelop the site.


To update the site to reflect their success in growing their business and the capbilities of the business in order to showcase that to major manufacturers in automotive and other key sectors. They also requested basic functionality to post job opportunities from time to time and a blog/new section to share updates.

The management team were quite specific about the look and feel of the site, with one senior manager even providing a detailed mock up to illustrate the type of site they liked.

One challenge was that the client had a number of assets which they requeseted to be used, but crucially didnt have the original source files for, this resulted in having to adapt that content despite the quality not at the level we would have liked.

Key Results:

Automotive parts manufacturer-website-design


I have worked with Black And White Boy on numerous projects one of which was our corporate website He guided us through choosing the right images , buzz words and most importantly the key elements for SEO (search engine optimisation). He delivered on schedule and under budget what more could we ask for. I would definitely recommend Paul for any future business.

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