Salon Marketing Agency

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Salon Marketing Agency Project


This is a business which was started in response to a need for beauty business owners to enhance their online marketing. As such there were many considerations needed in developiong the project.

First we needed to identify the message and what the brand was saying to it’s audience. But we also had to identify who that audience was.

The objective of the brand was to provide marketing support for salons, spas and aesthetic clinics who had a need for digital marketing but didn’t have the resources internally to carry that out.

The brand also understood that a lot of salon owners were making their digital marketing strategy up without any really direction which resulted in a fragmented and unclear message for their clients and was in many cases limited in large part to random postings on social media.

It was because of the above the brand felt it should provide additional value through offering a training programme to those salon owner who wanted to learn more. To that end we were also asked to develop a membership learning programme where lessons and modules could be created and videos lessons with text and supporting pdfs could be easily uploaded to the platform by the client in order for members to follow along with learnings and apply in their own business.


New branding and logo, together with a brand new website design which included a membership learning portal for the client to add their own content.

Key Results:

salon marketing agency for website design for salons and beauty businesses


This was an outstanding success and one which allowed us to concenrate on growing the brand without having to worry about the mechnics or management of the website, everything just works

  • Quick and easy… only takes 4 mins 01 secs on average to complete
  • Get the personalised insights you need to grow your business online
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