Edinburgh Facial & Skin Care Clinic

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Website Design, Email Marketing

Edinburgh Facial & Skin Care Clinic Project


Elizabeth M is a skin care clinic based in Edinburgh who asked us to develop a new website. The previous site they had was tired, didn’t reflect the brand acurately and wasn’t getting any leads for the business.

Though we discussed the scope of the website and what should be included, we also made it clear that on going SEO should be an integral part of the site development post launch to generate the desired amount of leads, but nevertheless, the foundational SEO structure we build into the site upon creation should set it up for success.

We also suggested that based upon the nature of the business, there was scope to generate leads through a email nuturing campaign. This would be designed as a automated sequence of emails to be sent to the subscriber after they had opted in which is designed to provide tips and tricks about how to look after your skin between appointment. This would postion the client as the expert and authority with her subscribers and offer an opportunity to control the narritive and ensure her message was delivered.


Build an attractive website which accurately reflects the values of the brand which includes all key messaging of the client as an expert in the locality for facials and skin care.

To incorporte the ability to add to and edit areas of the website without the need to have specialist knowledge to do so and without breaking the design of the site, specifically blog posts and treatments.

The site was to include a way for clients to make appointments through a simple email system which the client could easily understand but have enough detail to communicate with the client to arrange specifics, but within GDPR parameters.

To help generate and nuture leads and new automated email sequence was requested so that interested parties could subscribe and automated email sequence was then delivered with tips on skin care and facials direct to the subscribers inbox.

Incorporate a solid SEO infrastructure so the any SEO carried out on the site at a later date would be optimised and as a effective as possible.

Key Results:

skincare specialist website design -seo - email marketing


I have had such a positive experience with Paul from start to finish. He built my whole website perfectly when I didn't really know what I wanted he had the answers. My SEO is JUST amazing, (I always come up first in a google search, ) My clients comment on how good my website is and I feel proud. Paul demonstrated the most amount of patience with me when I couldn't understand the tech, he even made me little video's to show me how to update the site. He really held my hand, and went above and beyond in writing copy for me and suggesting what I should do to engage more with clients. the team also replies pretty much immediately and was available at weekends when I didn't expect a reply. Paul really knows his stuff and I look forward to having a long relationship with him now that I have experienced what a professional service he delivers, AND just how much knowledge he has in his field, which he shares so generously. THANK YOU PAUL !!

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