How To Get More Qualified Buyers To Your Website

At Black And White Boy, our overriding belief is that if you are not getting customers through your website it’s a completely wasted investment – why else would you build a website other than to attract potential new customers?

While other companies tell you about SEO and newfangled marketing tricks, we focus on results and to most clients, that means, new online sales enquiries, phone ringing with new customers asking for more information or greater footfall at their premises all interested in your products.

We are driven by helping you win new business and increase your online profile, not to mention profit margins through our online marketing campaigns…

Regretfully, we regularly have to turn potential clients away which disappoints all involved.

The fact is that we are a small dedicated team who diligently handcraft online campaigns for clients and really get to understand our partners and the industry they work in. The one thing we want to avoid is spreading ourselves too thin only to find that in order to help out more clients, we are in fact providing less of a service to our existing customer portfolio.

It is for that reason we try to get to know the feel of the business before any money changes hands to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

At the start of the process we ask you to answer some simple questions in our online exploration form below, we then use that as the basis of the subsequent phone discussion where we further discuss the reasons behind their choice of considering working with Black And White Boy and the Online marketing route.

It is only after this completed process do we agree if we BOTH wish to move forward and engage in a “strategy session” to understand the finer details and what the client wants to achieve and the time frame in which we really can achieve that.

Get in touch using the form below and we’ll give you a call.

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