Earn Cash

Yep, you read correctly, earn cold hard cash… sounds good doesn’t it, want to know more?

Basically, this is our referral program, which means that if you refer a business to us and we end up working with them, we will give you 5% of the charge value in cash, each month – Simple. What’s more is that if that client stays with us a customer beyond 6 months, we will increase that payment to 10% from the 7th month.

Man handing out cash

So as an example, if you referred a business which ended up working with us on a monthly invoice of say £1000, you get £50 per month for the first six months assuming that they stay with us for that long and they continue to pay us.

Now, continuing with the example above – if that customer stays with us beyond this, On the seventh month we increase your payment automatically to 10% P/M. And as long as client stays with us and keeps paying us, we will continue to pay you through your bank month by month once we receive our payment from the customer.

We don’t put limitations on this, so you can refer any number of businesses you like, the only caveat is that we only pay you after we get paid ourselves.

Furthermore, even if you work for the company you refer to us, you will still get paid, we will keep it confidential so your employer will not know.

If this is for you and you want to earn some easy cash, please get intouch by completing the form below.


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