Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of frequently asked questions about SEO and the online services we provide.

Why Should My Organisation Consider SEO?

A lot of this is in the eye of the beholder, and there are several different answers based on what you want to achieve. On the most basic level, businesses what more customers and nowadays the way you do that is online. If you consider that anywhere up to 80% of us turn to the internet when we need an answer or have a problem to resolve that should give you a reason why.

When we type in our query and then rely on the search engine to provide us with a potential answer or solution we are often looking for a product or service to resolve that particular issue. Now, look at your business and think what problems your customers have and how you can solve their problem. Then imagine if you appear in the top results, how many new customers would potentially get when they know you have the best solution to their query?

My Friend/son/daughter/bloke down the pub Does SEO, Can’t I Just Use them, they’re so Cheap?

You could, by all means, use your friend, but a word of caution. SEO is a skill, and I would recommend that when it come to companies online properties we strongly recommend to entrust it to those experts who have the knowledge and experience to do the job correctly and have had repeatable success as otherwise, they could do irreplaceable damage.

Your friend may well be on his way to being a good SEO, but do you want them “cutting their teeth” on your company website? In the same vein, would you entrust your holiday flight to be piloted by someone who has watched a couple of youtube videos for training/ Or have your house built by someone who has read a couple of blogs posts about laying a course of bricks.

Everyone has to start somewhere for sure, but you have to weigh up the value of your business against the cost of saving that money. It’s a short term vision to save a relatively small amount of money.

That’s What Our Marketing Dept/I.T. Manager Get Paid For Isn’t It?

This is a common misunderstanding many company executives make. That when it comes to the web/internet stuff, it’s the job of the marketing dept or I.T. We’re not necessarily saying you shouldn’t refer your internet marketing to those departments, as to a degree they probably need to be involved at some point. We would also refer you to the answer above, in that just because you think they qualify because they are assumed to have the necessary skills by proxy, more often than not, this is not the case. It is not the case that just because you know about computers, do you automatically know how to build websites; the same goes for marketing.

My Company Is Already Ranking High, I Can Google My Company Name And I’m No.1!

I agree, that is a good start having your company name rank No1 on Google, but that is the minimum you would expect. The way in which Google Algorithm works is that it favours brands, so If you have your brand name as your domain, your site should be in the top slots if it isn’t already a popular search term.

This is ideal for those who already know your business, but not so good for those who DON’T. There in lies your problem, while it is essential to be online nowadays, the key is to be found high up in the search engine pages so new customers can discover you through other search terms which you want to be considered for other than your company name.

At Black And White Boy our priority is getting new customers as well as retaining your existing ones through understanding what those other search terms are that you should be ranking high in the search engines for.

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